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Tips for selling art

Selling art: three helpful tips!

Do you want to sell art? Do you have a painting, design object or other work of art that you want to offer for auction? On this page we would like to share with you three important selling tips and recommendations for selling art.

Three tips for selling art

  1. Choose the right platform for selling your art
  2. Do research on the artwork you want to sell
  3. Make a clear description of your object

Tip 1: Choose the right platform for selling your art

A first and important tip for selling art is choosing the right platform. Who do you want to reach? What kind of art objects are involved? What suits the expectations you have for the sale of your art? We would like to list for you the advantages of selling art online through Artpeers:

✓ A very large reach of art lovers for your objects.
✓ A simple and accessible way of bidding through your personal account.
✓ Free valuation and advice when selling your art.
✓ Expertise in the field of classical art, modern and contemporary art and design.
✓ The possibility to outsource the sale of your art through our de-collecting service.
✓ Unlike other auction houses, as a seller you do not pay any commission on the items you sell!

Tip 2: Do research on the artwork you want to sell

You may own a beautiful painting, but you don't know exactly by which painter it was created, or what the value of the painting is. A realistic opening bid that matches the current market value will help sell your artwork quickly and successfully. Do you need help determining an opening bid? Would you like advice from a specialist on the value of the artwork? Then request a free, no-obligation appraisal. Read more on the page auction estimates.

Through Artpeers you can only offer works of art of recognized artists, i.e. artists who are included in the database of the RKD (Netherlands Institute for Art History) and / or in the international database of auction proceeds Artprice. Is your artist not listed in our own database, but can you find it on the above websites? If so, you can submit a request to have this artist added to our database. You can do this by using the form with which you place a new item in the auction. We will process your request as soon as possible.

Tip 3: Make a clear description of your object

To increase the chance of a successful sale, it is important to make a good auction description of the artwork you want to sell. Adding multiple, clear images of the artwork will also help. In addition to the specifications of the work, such as the technique used and the dimensions, include as much descriptive information as possible. For example, information about the provenance and an explanation of the condition or physical state. For more tips on offering a work of art in auction, also read the auction tips page.

Another tip for selling art: to bring your art or design object even more to the attention of potential buyers, you can place the object in the Special (provided the object meets the conditions for the Special). The weekly auction special always focuses on one particular technique, style, movement or time period, for example a CoBrA Special, Modern Paintings Special or Sculptures & Objects Special. View an overview of the upcoming auction specialshere.

Selling art through Artpeers

Have you read all the tips for selling art and are you ready to get started selling your work of art? On the Sell Art page you can read a detailed explanation of how to put your artwork up for auction. Do you still have questions or would like more tips on selling your art? Then feel free to contact us.

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